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With the increasingly serious air pollution, we must find all kinds of tools to help us identify the harmful substances in the air, and the VSON air quality monitor is an effective recommendation.

VSON air quality detector is a smarter detector that monitors all day, from formaldehyde, benzene to air pollution index, temperature and humidity. It has eight characteristics, namely accurate detection of formaldehyde, accurate detection of TVOC, air convection system, real-time temperature detection, real-time humidity detection, air quality curve recording analysis, 24-hour air monitoring and memory calibration. With patented active air docking technology, the measurement is more sensitive and more accurate.


Display Mode: LCD

Battery: Lithium Battery

Product Size: 5.9*2.7*1.5 in

Product Weight: 170.5g

Charging time:4H

Power input:5V/1A

Battery capacity:1000mAh

HCHO Test Range: 0~1.999 mg/m3

TVOC Test Range: 0~9.999 mg/m3

PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10 Range: 0~999μg/ m3

Temperature Test Range: 0~50℃

Humidity Test Range: 20~90%RH


1. Please set the timing function of the device with the guidance of user manual.

2. Please charge the monitor to full power when you get it or for long time storing.

3. Please turn on the device and leave it alone in a cool and ventilated place above one hour when the first time to use or haven’t been used for over 3 months.

4. Please wait for 3 minutes when you turn on the device to detect the air quality.

5. Please leave the device in a clean place for about 5 minutes to detect the air quality and don’t block the air hole with anything. Or the result of HCHO/TVOC will be not accurate.


1x Air Quality Monitor

1x Charger

1x USB Cable

1x Manual



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