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Virtual Air Quality Assessment

Safestart Environmental’s virtual visit/consultation aims to tailor individual solutions to create healthy and safe environments of both the home and commercial workplaces. We focus on the correction of causes, as well as creating a scope of the work to be performed.

During our investigative process, we help to determine areas of past and/or current water damage issues, the likelihood of the home to foster these issues, and if so, how they may be corrected. Additionally, we offer plans for corrections to be performed in a safe and healthy manner.

After a careful review of all the information, we form an opinion whether the home or building is environmentally safe for building occupants. If the environment is found non conducive, a specialized plan with recommendations will be given. 

When all information and lab results are received, we offer opinions on treatment plans and offer protocols for performing those steps. For those who are affected by environmentally acquired illness/s, we work synergistically with the medical community and can share our findings and solutions with your physician per your written permission. 


We will provide you with a recording (if applicable) of your session(s) with us, a written summary of the key points discussed and our recommendations/protocols.

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