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Life Savers…Truly!


SafeStart Environmental is the best in the field! Larry Schwartz and Michele Fisher have been exemplary in taking care of us through this biotoxin journey. After initially working with a different IEP who was dismissive, a friend told us about Larry. With us in Colorado and SafeStart in Chicago, Larry and Michele educated us in the complexities of what we faced and guided us on how we could test and remediate, and repeat as necessary, to create a safe home. They helped us find qualified local remediators who followed the specified protocols for those with CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) which all three family members had. They were so knowledgeable about not only indoor air quality, going far beyond only molds and into other biotoxins, but also the impact of biotoxins on health. Larry is so well respected for his expertise that my doctor offered (pro bono) to be on all calls with him. And through the training they gave us and with their help, we were able to make sure our temporary living spaces were safe while we remediated. Thrilled to say that while it took time and money, we are now back in our home, without health issues and no longer testing positive for CIRS. We have our life back. And, when we recently had water intrusion in our home office after a quick snow melt, we are not panicked. We know what we need to do. We know it can be remedied. And we know who to call if we need additional help.

-Anne Marie Pewterbaugh

A Practical and Realistic Approach to Mold


“Larry Schwartz has proven himself to be a highly knowledgeable resource who takes a practical and realistic approach to mold and other environmental detection and remediation. His analysis and remediation recommendations are always insightful, technically astute and completely reasonable.”

-Dennis Bailen, COO, Windward Builders

Couldn’t have done it without them


January 2019 I had to quit my job of 12 years. I had developed severe food intolerance, multiple chemical sensitivity, and found out that I had CIRS all do to mold that I found through an inspection in my home. My physician referred Larry to me to help me get my house cleaned up. I didn’t know how he could possibly help me with him being in IL and me being in NC, but he proved that he didn’t need to be here in order to help. We had sdfdssffsdfdfsdfsdfsfsd phone conversations, he is very personable and really understands what I’m going through. He and his trusty assistant Michele made me feel like a priority and helped us find reputable companies to assist us. I think I finally have my house near healthy. My MCS is markedly improved. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. I know that they are just a phone call away if needed. Strongly recommend for anyone with the need.

-Krista B.

Changing Lives


Larry has become a member of our family. There are no words to describe how he managed an absolutely horrific situation with such empathy and care. We could not have gotten through this without him – entirely independent of the scientific portion of the problem. He understood everything. My son was diagnosed with CIRS and mold issues – so significant over the past 7 years that he hasn’t been in school for the past 3 plus years. Having to move out of our house, our home, and get rid of practically everything was beyond overwhelming. We felt like we were getting rid of our memories, but we weren’t. We took the memories with us. A whole lesson for life and what is truly important. “Saint Larry,” as my family affectionately refers to him, did testing and follow up testing, assisted with referring us to a company for remediation and small particle cleaning of our new house and somehow navigated us through it all. The stress level was quite high. He was there for us at our darkest time, quietly cheering us on and reinforcing the focus: to get our son well – eyes on the prize. Larry still remains readily available for questions (and there are a lot), volunteering his expertise and thoughts on different issues. He listens! He validates! He cares! It is not just a job or even a career, but a passion, a mission. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. All of these fine qualities and attributes mean so much to those of us who have had negative experiences with the medical community, school system, even family or friends, who are ignorant or just uneducated of our plight. It is an arduous pathway – and Larry could make or break a situation like this. He made it. There are no words to adequately thank him for what he has done…

Michele Fisher, the Senior Consultant at Safe Start, is an incredible addition to the company – she has walked the path herself and, like Larry, gives of herself each and everyday. She has credibility. That is so rare these days, so rare to those of us on this long path… Michele is such a resource and has a light within her that is magnetic – she remains positively focused and can give her own perspective, which I know meant a lot to my son. A gift. Safe Start is so lucky to have Michele – the clients are even luckier to have Michele. Thank you!

Larry, Michele and Safe Start are life changing – they change lives…

-Christin F

Tremendous Support


A CIRS diagnosis with all the integral and tough protocol pieces can me truly overwhelming!!! But, after talking to Larry Schwartz, a kind and very human, brilliant scientist and thinker, the overload began to make sense and fall into place. Then I talked to Michele Fisher, senior consultant at SafeStart and felt an immediate connection. She is kind, compassionate, a great listener and all round TRUE consultant. The mental strain of this syndrome is harder than the physical…but her pleasant demeanor and intelligent vision for healing when you need it most… sure makes it easier!! Thank you both of you for putting me on the path to recovery! Maggie R.

-Maggie Readyhough

CIRS patient and a Registered Nurse


I was diagnosed with CIRS in July 2017 , I never heard of this condition and had a hard time accepting it . I was given Larry’s name by my physician , I remember , distinctly , Larry said he was sorry I was going through this on our first telephone call – that made such an impact and so appreciated ! I don’t know where my husband and I would be without Larry’s expertise in the past 17 months , he is very knowledgeable , very responsive, practical and has helped us so much ! We are so thankful for Larry !

-Kim Hostetler

High quality CIRS consultation


Larry is an expert on mold, and as a CIRS patient I found his advice to be extremely helpful in keeping my house mold free when dealing various leaks and other maintenance issues. Both Larry and Michelle are also very kind, and empathetic people. Super grateful for their service.


Larry is knowledgeable, thorough, and ethical in his approach.


Larry Schwartz was the first Indoor Environmental Consultant I met who was interested in CIRS and eager to learn more. He brought a strong scientific background to the task of investigating built environments for moisture control problems and the presence of molds. He knows when to use specific tools and also knows when it’s not necessary to use them. Larry built a solid reputation within the community for investigation and for his medically sound remediation plans. He’d locate a remediation crew that would follow his details, including methods used for small particle cleaning when warranted.

Within a year or two of working with Larry in the Chicago area, his skills were in high enough demand to make him a sought after indoor environmental professional in many parts of the country. He also was the lead author of a Consensus Paper on medically sound investigation and remediation of water-damaged buildings that outlines the difference between current industry standards and the standards required for occupants who have a chronic inflammatory response syndrome acquired by exposure to water-damaged buildings (CIRS-WDB). Larry is knowledgable, thorough, and ethical in his approach. He’s a detective who can figure out what others may miss. I have since moved to North Carolina but Larry’s skills and input continue to make a big difference in my ability to care for my patients with CIRS-WDB.

-Keith Berndtson, MD

Larry and Michele are invaluable to us.


When I was very sick and diagnosed with CIRS, and we had to leave our home, my doctor gave me Safestart’s number and said “You are going to need someone with this level of expertise to help you as you look for a safe home. There is no one out there who is better than Larry Schwartz. He is the best. You are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.” This has proven to be absolutely true. We could not be more grateful for his wisdom and keen insight as he gently steers us around some very difficult decisions. Many times we have been faced with time-sensitive issues as we have been searching for a safe home, and both Larry and his Senior Environmental Consultant Michele Fisher have been so compassionate and willing to help. Every single time their counsel has been truly invaluable. We know that we are in such good hands with them. We have a confidence going forward that we wouldn’t otherwise have. We truly feel that they are giving us the opportunity to have a safe start. Thank you Larry and Michele.

-Ric and Linda Alessio

A Physicians review


First and foremost I express a huge thanks to Larry and his entire team! Safestart provided me with the correct tools in creating a healing environment in my home. I was struck down with CIRS/biotoxin illness and I had been bedridden for seven years. The root cause was finally determined to be actinomycetes bacteria contributing to my chronic illness, now known as CIRS. Larry and his team truly understand the science behind CIRS . They know what it takes to keep you on the healing path. There are other companies out there that sometimes miss the big picture in determining the pathogens in one’s environment that could be causing the chronic illness. Remediation in the correct way is a key aspect as one goes though the treatment protocol. Thank you!

-James Buselli, M.D.

Ethical, Professional, Affordable, Invaluable


From the time that I first contacted Safestart and talked to Michele, I was impressed. Although I know they are very busy, Michele took time to hear my CIRS story and the issues with our home. Previously, we worked with another mold inspection company that wanted to charge over $8,000 for inspection and testing – remediation was not included. Talking to Larry was a breath of fresh air. He was honest, ethical, and, with his expertise, got to the heart of our issue immediately. Beyond our leaking window mold issue, Larry also gave us protocols to address our AC Coil, crawl space, actinomycetes, and mold on our bathroom grout. Larry worked with our contractor to explain what needed to be done and ensure that it was done correctly. The time difference between us on the West Coast and Larry in Chicago was not an issue. Our total cost including the remediation was a fraction of cost demanded by the prior mold inspection company. In a day when good service is unheard of, the service from Safestart was beyond incredible. Michele was invaluable, providing prompt responses with the necessary information. I sent an email late on a Friday afternoon, not expecting a response until the following week. Much to my surprise, Michele emailed back in less than a hour – amazing service! Typically, I don’t write reviews, but Safestart’s service is worth raving about. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Dealing with a mold damaged home is stressful and exhausting, but Larry, Michele, and the Safestart team gave me hope in what seemed like an overwhelming situation. Don’t waste your time or money calling anyone else first. Safestart will more than meet your expectations. Thank you for the difference are making in people’s lives!!!

-Kristen Hansen

We finally found excellent help


We had been going through a roller coaster of emotions from CIRS and unqualified “mold experts”. The Cleveland Clinic referred us to Safestart Environmental. It was such a HUGE relief to find someone who totally 100% understands environmental safety, especially in the mold area. Larry and Michele are both absolutely brilliant. This disease is horrible, and not well understood by most people. That caused so much anxiety for us and we wasted money doing the wrong things.
But, after we met Larry and Michele, we knew we finally connected with a company that is 100% knowledgeable regarding how to fix our environment to overcome this illness.

-Amy and Robert Kasprzak

I highly recommend Larry and his team!


Larry was one of several people recommended to inspect my house for active water damage. He was a ray of sunshine during a very difficult time in my life. He spent a great deal of time with me to understand the entirety of my situation, asking very specific questions about the house and any symptoms I was experiencing. His explanation of his findings, its consequences on my health and recommendations to fix were all clear and thorough. His knowledge in the field is tremendous and his network of resources, coupled with his empathy and compassion was invaluable to getting things corrected. I highly recommend Larry and his team!


Great Experience


“Great experience working Larry Schwartz. He is very knowledgeable with mold damages, causes, and how to properly remediate the mold. I had a leak in my bathroom; Larry helped me identify the root cause and wrote a very detailed report of his findings that ultimately helped me claim this through my insurance company. I received full coverage all because of Larry’s expertise and his thorough investigation/report regarding the mold that was found in my bathroom. He saved me thousands of dollars out of pocket, thank you very much Larry. Worth every penny & more”

-John S.

A True Problem Solver!


We cannot recommend Larry enough. His professionalism and expertise were critical for our home remediation. By listening to our thoughts and concerns, Larry provided us with with a tailored and thoughtful plan of action that was achievable; no small feet given our unique situation. Furthermore, his timely and responsive guidance throughout the process was crucial when we encountered new dilemmas along the way. A true problem solver who cares about his clients! Many thanks again Larry.

-Andy & Stacey

Home recommendaions


In Spring 2020 Safe Start was recommended to me for addressing my ongoing mold situation in my home. Larry Schwartz had me do some testing and reviewed my situation. He had a few recommendations which has taken a while for me to act on. The one that has made a dramatic difference in my home’s air quality is the use of an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation). With the regular use of this, my home’s air quality has improved dramatically. I’m very pleased with Larry’s advice and can recommend him to others in need of mold remediation information.

-Bill Vosteen

CIRS and remediation solutions


I was diagnosed with CIRS and therefore had to address mold issues in our home. We enlisted the help of Larry who was extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. He steered us through the difficult process and worked with our contractors both on the remediation guidelines and the modification of our HVAC system. Larry brings a very high level of expertise and professionalism to the table as does his assistant Michele. They are both extremely knowledgeable not only about mold and remediation but they also have an excellent understanding of the medical implications as well. We were extremely confident in Larry’s abilities and I would highly recommend Safestart. It was a pleasure to work with both Larry and Michele.

-Cori Chandler

A True Professional!


A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with a mold illness and was no longer able to live in my home due to the contamination. There was no visible mold in the house, but I was still reacting to whatever contamination there was. I contacted Larry Schwartz, founder of Safestart, and he thoroughly inspected my home and developed a comprehensive plan to eliminate the mold and other air-born inflammagens. I’m thrilled to say that my home is now a safe place for me. Since then, Larry has taught me about keeping my home safe and healthy. I am so thankful for Larry’s expertise and how he guided me through this very rough time in my life.


What a relief to find such an expert!


The problem with CIRS is it’s lonely, because it’s too complicated to explain. When Dr. Shoemaker referred me to Larry Schwartz, I could tell that Larry was an intelligent and ethical person, informed in detail about the science behind building remediation. Not only that, but his associate, Michele, has been indispensible in answering questions and in understanding the incredible emotional toll these problems take on the homeowner. In this society of robocalls, they are the opposite–human beings who understand. They worked with a remediator in my city because there was no one here who knew Larry’s protocol. Already my symptoms are better and my tests prove it. Just knowing that I can discuss the toxic situation with knowledgeable professionals is a tremendous stress-reducer.

-Beth Powell

Mold remediation and management


Larry gave me back my health! He helped us with both of our homes one of which was making me horribly sick. He guided us and our mold remediation team through the process and we now live mold free. Additionally we now have the knowledge to be proactive and to avoid any problems in the future. Every interaction we have had with both Larry and Michele has been outstanding. We highly recommend Safestart! – Cori Chandler

-Cori Chandler



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