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Larry Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Larry Schwartz is an industry-leading expert in medically sound indoor air quality and preventative risk services. Larry specializes in indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, building science, safe construction protocols, consulting and other air quality solutions. Throughout his career, Larry has worked on over 8000 indoor air quality investigations around the country, residential and commercial.

Larry is a Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant by the American Council of Certified Accreditation and has been qualified by the state of Illinois to teach his proprietary mold course to accredited real estate practitioners.

He is a member of the Surviving Mold Round Table as an Indoor Environmental Professional, IEP, along with many Certified Physicians and health care providers in the United States and around the globe, headed up by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker.

Larry is also a founding member of the International Society of Environmentally Acquired Illness, a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association and a listed consultant of the American Industrial Hygienist Association.

Larry was lead author of a peer reviewed paper along with Dr Ritchie Shoemaker, Dr Keith Berndston, and 3 other certified IEPs, titled, “How to Perform Medically Sound Investigation and Remediation of Water Damaged Buildings”. This may be found on the website.

Previously, he has made guest appearances on Fox News, CBS and other Chicago based news channels. As an author on mold prevention, Larry consults for numerous homebuilders, architectural and engineering firms. He has strong recommendations from various health departments, physicians, lawyers and contractors. Larry received his BSME degree from Purdue University and his MBA from Northwestern University.

Michele Fisher

Chief Operating Officer & Environmental Consultant

Michele brings understanding, compassion, validation and resources to CIRS clients. One of her main goals is to assist clients with responding to their situation with hope and quieting the trauma response, which is often common in CIRS.

She is a trained Integrative Health Coach from Duke Integrative Medicine in North Carolina and offers consulting services to clients.  

Michele was an educator for 27 years before being diagnosed with CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) in 2016. Once diagnosed, she left the education field and began her personal journey of healing. Michele has committed herself to the healing of her family and helping others who have been diagnosed with an environmentally acquired illness. She brings her compassion and understanding, having gone through this herself to Safestart Environmental Clients. Michele and Larry will be holding support groups in the near future.

Carley Swartz

Business Manager

Carley brings 8 years of corporate project management experience to Safestart Environmental. She graduated with a Business Administration degree with a concentration in Advertising & Marketing and a minor in Spanish. She understands the needs of the organization and the impact the work has on our client community. Her attention to detail and organization with business processes allows Safestart to streamline their client communications to include contracts, finances, and client records.

Carley brings 8 years of corporate project management experience to Safestart Environmental. She graduated with a Business Administration degree with a Concentration in Advertising & Marketing, Spanish Minor. She understands the needs of the organization and the impact the work has on our client community. Her attention to detail and organization with business processes allows Safestart to streamline their client communications; to include contracts, finances, and client records.

Sarah Huffman

Intake Specialist

Sarah is often the first voice our clients encounter with Safestart Environmental. Her empathy and natural ability help and support people are innate. We are fortunate to have Sarah join our team.

After 13 years of teaching Sarah took time off to stay at home to raise her two daughters. Now, an empty nester, she is working on her Master’s in Social work that will lead to her to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social worker.

Contact Sarah at 708-336-0530 or e-mail her


Saro Loucks

Onsite Team Investigator

Saro started researching and learning how mold, mycotoxins and air quality can affect people in 2014 when her family was severely impacted by a home where mold had been growing unseen in the walls. Her daughter suffered severed health implications triggered by this mold exposure. Saro spent many hours a day over several years researching the effects of mold, how to recover from exposure, how to find a safe place to live, how to identify problem areas in homes and how to fix them.

When Saro’s daughter was well enough to return to school she decided to take her knowledge and pursue a career helping other people with similar problems. She contacted and trained with Larry Schwartz and is a Council- certified Residential Indoor Environmentalist from the The American Council for Accredited Certification.

Tim Taylor

Onsite Team Investigator

Tim is an Indoor Environmental Professional from the Austin, TX area. He is known for conducting thorough inspections, finding hidden mold and educating clients about air quality. Tim started in the industry in 2016. He and his family had past issues with mold in their apartment’s HVAC system that affected his daughter’s health.

Tim’s dad is an integrative physician in Austin and told him about how environmental issues were also impacting many of his patients. He quickly developed a passion for helping people with their indoor air quality issues.

David Silver

Onsite Team Investigator

For David, the effects of mold toxins are very personal due to their impact on the health of his own family. He has had to move several times as well as undergo the full remediation process with the goal of healing his family. Having to deal with chronic illness at home, he brings much empathy, understanding and patience to each client and walks them through the entire process one step at a time.

David brings both personal and professional experience to the world of indoor air quality. As a result of all this personal experience,  he  became licensed in the state of New York as a mold assessor and a member of ISEAI.

Eric Schofield

HVAC Subject Matter Expert

Eric Schofield has a background in electrical, HVAC and building science. He has worked in the building trades since 1999 and works extensively in ventilation, temperature control systems, building analytics, envelope evaluations and Indoor Air Quality solutions applications. Eric served 8 years in the Army Reserve, Corp of Engineers, and is an Honorably discharged combat veteran.

Eric became involved with CIRS, Lyme & environmental illnesses when his sister became very ill, he now has a passion to help others in her same position and provide safe home environments to those in need.



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