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Thermal Camera for Smart Phones with MSX Image Enhancement Technology




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There’s an invisible world right next to the one you see every day, just waiting for you to explore it with the FLIR ONE. Whether you’re seeing the world in a whole new way or just finding problems around the house, FLIR ONE’s thermal camera gives you a new view of your everyday world. Discover what’s been around you all the time, with FLIR ONE. The FLIR ONE app requires sign in, which enables automatic warranty registration and access to all the latest updates from FLIR.

  • Find problems around the home fast – heat loss, insulation condition, electrical problems, and water damage.
  • See in the dark and explore the natural world safely with the FLIR ONE.
  • See in total darkness, create new kinds of art, and discover new things about your world every day.

Thermal imaging is one of the most powerful technologies ever developed to enhance human vision beyond what we see with our naked eyes. Human vision is limited to a very narrow ‘visible’ band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared radiation carries radiant heat and with its longer wavelength, cannot be seen by the human eye. Almost everything around us gives off or reflects heat, which can be ‘seen’ by thermal imaging.


The improved app lets you access tips and tricks to continually see new ways to use thermal imaging. Stay connected to the user community and easily share your images on social media. See around corners and awkward spaces by connecting to your Apple Watch or Android smartwatch.

Key Benefits

MSX Technology

Like previous FLIR ONE models, the third generation includes both a visible and thermal camera. The magic happens through FLIR’s patented, multispectral dynamic imaging, or MSX technology, which embosses a visible image over a thermal. The end-result is a better, crisper image, which helps improve overall quality and readability when you need it most. With the FLIR ONE, you won’t need to guess, you’ll just know.

Thermal Superpowers

Even in complete darkness, users can visualize small temperature differences through the lens of the FLIR ONE. Whether you’re trying to determine why your room is so cold, why your wall is starting to bubble and turn awful new colors, or just trying to find where your dog is hiding in the backyard, the FLIR ONE will help you see the formerly unseen.

OneFit Adjustable Connector

Another advancement we’ve developed with the third generation FLIR ONE is our OneFit adjustable height-connector. The OneFit allows you to adjust the length of the FLIR ONE connector so it can attach over most phone cases, eliminating the hassle of removing your case prior to use. The FLIR ONE also features a USB-C version for Android, so whether you want to take a picture of an object or take a thermal selfie (a ‘thermie’), Android users can flip the camera in whichever direction they want.


Product description


FLIR one is a lightweight accessory that transforms your iOS device into a powerful thermal infrared camera. FLIR one displays live thermal infrared imagery using the FLIR one iPhone app so you can see the world From a thermal perspective. FLIR one allows you to measure temperature variances.


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