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Prime-Line Products T 8754 Self-Adhesive Pile Weatherstrip for Windows & Doors, 18 ft., Grey, Owens Corning

  • Used on windows & doors to improve energy efficiency by sealing gaps and leaks which allow outside air to enter, and inside conditioned air to escape
  • 3/8 in. width x 3/8 in. height x 18 ft. length
  • Constructed of grey pile fibers
  • Woven pile weatherseal material


This weatherstripping is constructed of woven grey pile material at 3/8 in. in height and a 3/8 in. wide adhesive-backing. This weatherseal weatherization product highlights the insulating benefits of Owens Corning’s Air Sealing Technology which is designed to resist air, water, sound, mold, mildew, dust and insects from entering into the home. This weather sealing product can be used on virtually every door and window to improve the energy efficiency of the home by sealing the gaps and leaks which allow outside air to enter, and inside conditioned air to escape. Most energy experts agree that a properly weatherstripped home will pay for the cost of weatherizing in energy savings in less than one season alone. Replacement is easy with this product because it features an easy-2-install, peel-n-stick application which is designed to simplify your weather-sealing projects with an effectively sealed perimeter around your windows and doors. This pile weatherstripping comes in 18 ft. lengths with a Lifetime Warranty, and it’s guaranteed not to break down like other felt and foam tape weatherseal products. This patented installation system allows for easy install without the need to remove window parts or glass.

Product information

Size Name:3/8 in. W x 3/8 in. H  |  Color Name:Gray

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