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Mold Warriors: Fighting America’s Hidden Health Threat



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Ritchie C. Shoemaker, MD is a Family Practice physician from Pocomoke, Maryland. He has previously published four books, Desperation Medicine, Lose the Weight You Hate, Pfiesteria: Crossing Dark Water and Weight Loss and Maintenance: My Way Works, as well as numerous academic publications. He writes from his experience of diagnosing and treating the world’s largest series of 3500 patients with acute and chronic illness caused by exposure to biotoxins made by molds, spirochetes, dinoflagellates, spirochetes and blue-green algae. His practice experience is the foundation that enables him to challenge much of what we hear about chronic illnesses from agencies and academics that don’t treat the illnesses. “Now that we know how to treat mold illness, we can look at what is wrong physiologically that gets better with return to health and what is normal that becomes abnormal with illness acquisition, to understand the basic mechanisms of disease causation in biotoxin illnesses. The patient has a right to know what is wrong and the doctor has the duty to show him what the illness is.” Dr. Shoemaker was named Family Physician of the Year 2000 in Maryland and was runner-up for the national Family Physician of the Year 2002.



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