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Mold Warriors: Fighting America’s Hidden Health Threat

From the forewords by Dr. Richard Lipsey and Bianca Jagger to the Epilogue, with the inside story on the cancellation of an entire season of Scotia Prince Cruises in Portland, Maine, Mold Warriors is the first book that brings together the truths that underlies the struggle of patients made ill by toxin-forming mold growing in water-damaged buildings to regain their health and their lives. Mold Warriors has 640 pages and 25 chapters of compelling writing and actual events that demonstrate the medical, legal and scientific battles of the Mold Wars. Biologically produced toxins make many of us chronically ill, steal the life-savings of many victims, prevent our children from achieving their academic potential and our health care system is largely blind to diagnosis and treatment. By reading Mold Warriors, you will learn how to use the Biotoxin Pathway, a magnificent scientific and medical breakthrough, to then easily recognize and treat the mold illness, leavin! g behind meaningless diagnoses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, stress, “chronic pain syndrome,” deconditioning and more. With Mold Warriors as your companion, you will not be forced to listen to “experts” who tell us that damp buildings might cause respiratory problems, but not neurologic problems, fatigue and cognitive impairment. You will be freed from legal defense consultants who would attempt to falsely deny you your legal rights to compensation for property loss and personal injury. Here are the facts about mold illness; show them to your Congressman and your physician. If you are made ill by exposed to water-damaged buildings, use Mold Warriors to show what is wrong with you on a printed page of lab reports; sometimes just knowing what is wrong becomes the biggest step towards return to health. Begin a step-by-step treatment protocol, published in high level, peer-reviewed, academic journals, that provides a plan to treat sequentially the complex physiologic abnormalities that are caused by exposure to biotoxin-forming indoor molds. You don’t have to stay ill from mold any longer.



About the Author

Ritchie C. Shoemaker, MD is a Family Practice physician from Pocomoke, Maryland. He has previously published four books, Desperation Medicine, Lose the Weight You Hate, Pfiesteria: Crossing Dark Water and Weight Loss and Maintenance: My Way Works, as well as numerous academic publications. He writes from his experience of diagnosing and treating the world’s largest series of 3500 patients with acute and chronic illness caused by exposure to biotoxins made by molds, spirochetes, dinoflagellates, spirochetes and blue-green algae. His practice experience is the foundation that enables him to challenge much of what we hear about chronic illnesses from agencies and academics that don’t treat the illnesses. “Now that we know how to treat mold illness, we can look at what is wrong physiologically that gets better with return to health and what is normal that becomes abnormal with illness acquisition, to understand the basic mechanisms of disease causation in biotoxin illnesses. The patient has a right to know what is wrong and the doctor has the duty to show him what the illness is.” Dr. Shoemaker was named Family Physician of the Year 2000 in Maryland and was runner-up for the national Family Physician of the Year 2002.


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