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Attic Stairs Insulation Cover


Have your utility bills been going through the roof?

Protect yourself with an effective heat management solution by easily installing our Attic Stair Cover Insulation

  • DOUBLE AIR-BUBBLE INNER LINING: Gives a thickness of 6mm of heat reflecting material to bounce off the heat radiating from either side (Winter or Summer months).
  • EXTREME R-VALUE INSULATION: Delay conductive heat movement by resisting heat flow to transfer through your attic opening by using our multi-layer insulation.
  • REFLECTIVE FILM OUTER LAYERING: The durable aluminum layers create a water, humidity and moisture-resistant barrier allowing you to breathe and live more comfortably in extreme outer weather conditions.
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE IMMEDIATELY: Experiencing hot or cold air rushing through the attic opening? After installing the insulation properly that will stop instantaneously


Lightweight Material

Easy to handle and install with a staple gun (staple gun not included)

Sewn seams for added strength and longevity

Easy to use zipper for quick access to and from the attic

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