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Attic Stairs Insulation Cover for Pull Down Stair 25″ x 54″ x 11″- R-Value 15.4 Extra Thick Fire Proof Attic Cover Stairway Insulator with Easy Installation, Low-dip Entrance and Tear by Miloo

  • ATTIC COVER with EXTRA THICKNESS: The highest quality wall thickness in the market will protect your house from air leaks during the summer and winter months and reduce your bills drastically
  • DIMENSIONS FOR: 25″ x 54″ x 11″ attic hatch opening. This insulator covers the full entrance to the attic door while allowing space for the stairs to fold and fit securely beneath, leaving the insulation hidden in the attic.
  • ATTIC INSULATION EASY ZIPPER: Allows easy entrance and exit to the attic when climbing up and down your pull down attic stairs.
  • DIPPING ENTRANCE: Our custom insulator was created with a shallow entrance point that will allow your climb up and down to be safe and easy.
  • At Miloo we are committed to producing quality products that we know you will love. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, contact us so that we can be of assistance.


Have your utility bills been going through the roof?

Protect yourself with an effective heat management solution by easily installing our Attic Stair Cover Insulation

  • DOUBLE AIR-BUBBLE INNER LINING: Gives a thickness of 6mm of heat reflecting material to bounce off the heat radiating from either side (Winter or Summer months).
  • EXTREME R-VALUE INSULATION: Delay conductive heat movement by resisting heat flow to transfer through your attic opening by using our multi-layer insulation.
  • REFLECTIVE FILM OUTER LAYERING: The durable aluminum layers create a water, humidity and moisture-resistant barrier allowing you to breathe and live more comfortably in extreme outer weather conditions.
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE IMMEDIATELY: Experiencing hot or cold air rushing through the attic opening? After installing the insulation properly that will stop instantaneously


Lightweight Material

Easy to handle and install with a staple gun (staple gun not included)

Sewn seams for added strength and longevity

Easy to use zipper for quick access to and from the attic

Technical Details


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