In order to properly control and eliminate a fungal or mold problem in building, two events must occur. The first is determination of the causes of moisture. The second event is the finding of all molded areas and their treatment. Either of these may be simple or complex to correct. Both must be done, and they must be done in the proper sequence or simultaneously to affect a complete cure.

On our initial visit, we inspect and evaluate both of these conditions using visual, sophisticated instrumentation, and testing if needed, to determine the extent of moisture and mold and the cause of the moisture. We then convert this information into a specific work plan called a REMEDIATION PLAN. This plan specifies the proper methods of treatment, correction of the causes of moisture, the sequence of steps, and a description of the protection of workers and occupants in the home.

The next phase of work is called OVERSIGHT MANAGEMENT. We help obtain proposals from remediators and consult with you. The chosen remediator then reports to us for technical support and results. We also control the work protocol and review what is in your proposal from the remediators, to control your costs. We explain our remediation plan to the remediators and make sure it is understood. In some cases, during work, the scope has to change because of new issues that may be found that were previously hidden.

Based on protocols recommended by the American Industrial Hygienist Association and the American Congress of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, it is usual, customary, and standard practice to provide a POST REMEDIATION INSPECTION AND TESTING of the work place when completed. The purpose of this is to determine that work was done according to the remediation plan, that there is no visual mold remaining, and that testing proves out that the air quality and materials are in balance with the outdoors and in usual and customary ranges. At the completion of this, we write a post remediation letter and render a statement of opinion. This is usually needed to complete the Real Estate Transaction.